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Df Michael

Original Art and Oil Paintings. In my shop you will find small and large canvas paintings, impressionist landscape and seascape scenes with or without figures and even some abstract paintings. Please contact me If you have a custom request for a painting! My name is Damiano Fusco and I am an emerging artist from Italy, relocated in the USA about 20 years ago. Here i sell my original oil paintings. I was born and grew up in the suburbs of Rome, Italy, where I studied classical piano and learned oil painting from my uncle. My parents were blue collars worker that lived through World War II and taught me that in life you have to fight for what you want. I'm currently producing about 2-3 paintings per week, all oil, using different techniques. Sometimes "all prima" (wet-on-wet), sometimes mixing brush and painting knife, sometimes only dry brush. I'm also drawing a lot to refine my drawing skills and understanding of color by following some great painters of our present like Robert Hagan, Vladimir Volegov, RIchard Schmid, Alfredo Rodriguez, Igor Saharov, Richard Robinson. All artwork is copyright © Damiano Fusco and it may not be reproduced without my permission.