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I’m here. Yes, I’m really here, writing in first person.
What the heck am I doing? Why did I remove my beautifully crafted third person presentation? “Df Michael is this awesome/incredible/unique musician and artist blah blah …”, I must have gone crazy.

We, the Music Artists (MA), but this is true also for any artist in general (yes I’m talking about painters as well), love to have cheesy introductions in 3rd person like the previous one. Those make us feel important. After all, this is what every music artist does, why question it?
We, MA, like to create music. We spend years practicing and perfecting our art. Trying to perfect our way of expressing who we are and how we feel. Finally we start recording our music and promoting ourselves. We put a lot of effort in our music creations. Spend countless hours in our basements or garages, with our music gears and fellow musicians, listening, rehearsing, recording, refining, etc.

Then, the day comes when we finally throw our CD out there. We are all excited, the CD sounds great; we feel even more important. However, we fail to give attention to many other details as we automatically do with our music. We probably spent very little time planning the CD cover, the notes, the text for the press kits, websites, etc.
Some cut it short and make outrageous details. “XYZ Artist is considered the new Prince of music” etc.

We fail ourselves by not following up on our creations. Like those parents who neglect their children, we fail by not taking the responsibility with our creation. Yes, details like cover art, notes, etc., do not produce any sound. Some of us might spend some time getting good photographs. After all, if you are a musician your ego is usually pretty strong about photos. But the amount of effort we reserve for these details is usually very small when compared to the enormous amount of work and dedication we put in producing our music.

Well, I’m not here to write a book on this topic. But I wanted to get your attention by starting in an unusual way. I wanted to get your attention and then tell you why I needed this intro. I’m going to tell you the story behind my creations. I’m going to take you on a journey that’s part of my creations. Without this telling, my music would be dead and lost only after a few skips in an mp3 player. I feel I need to nourish my creations, even long after they have been released on a CD. In order to do this, I’m going to write about them and hope to get feedback and comments from my listeners. This will hopefully help me getting better and will definitely help my listeners get a better appreciation for my music.

I also hope to get feedback and comments from other music artists like me, and I hope this exchange of thoughts will help them as well. Please, share your thoughts and ask your questions. I’ll be glad to answer.

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