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I’m an artist and I do not understand why everybody thinks music should be free and CD prices just should just keep going down. If one thinks all CDs are created equal, like bananas, then he/she should listen to bananas. Most don’t care about the time, effort and money put into it by the artists and musicians.

Why are people willing to pay different amounts of money for books, DVD, etc? Why are books different than CDs?

CDs are produced with different budgets, and we artists are not all “Mariah Carey”s.
If you are a big name and sell million of copies, you can sell for even $5 and still make a lot of money. Less known artists that sell at most a few thousand copies (and are supposed to live on it) should be allowed to price CDs much higher. Even $50. Same goes for Digital Downloads (MP3 etc). We should price them more than $0.99 per song.

If people like your CD, they will buy it. Instead, this common non-sense has become so widely popular where people think that music is like bananas. Just sell them by the pound. I’d like to kindly asking those people then, please, just listening to bananas then.

It’s going to be hard to make a living on music so what difference it makes to sell your CD for $50 instead of $10? You will not be selling more because of a cheaper price. If I do not like your music, I won’t buy it for any price, not even $1.

What do you artists out there think?

I’m going to add a few links to some interesting articles out there:,0,1024533.story?coll=la-opinion-center

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