On Pat Metheny on Kenny G

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Premise: I’m one of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays biggest fan. I think they are the two greatest composers/musicians of this century and many years from now this fact will be greatly recognized.

That said, I’m really disappointed when I hear Pat Metheny attacking smooth jazz music and specifically Kenny G as being dumb music. That’s very impolite first of all, and most of all disrespectful of somebody else’s art. (I’m not a big fun of Kenny G either, but I’d never try to talk down a fellow artist like that, no matter what the style or other aspects I might not like)

Let’s not forget that art, as Pat Metheny also often describes music, is a language. To the receiver, music is a language of emotions. Every person is unique and we should always respect the fact that some people might get vibes listening to Kenny G or any other music. There should not be “music dictatorship”, but only “music democracy”. Liking or not liking a piece of art it’s just a personal thing. I’d never say that is dumb music, because that truly offends many sincere listeners who feel emotions when listening to that. In some ways, Pat Metheny also contradicts himself when he gives a similar example talking about jazz in an old interview where he says there are not different classes of jazz where one is better than the other.

This is a topic that might infuriate a lot of you, so please try to read my words carefully. I’m not expecting you necessarily agree with me. In the end, all I’m trying to say is that we have enough people and corporations out there telling us constantly what we are supposed to buy and like and what not. We don’t need other fellow musicians telling us there are only a few forms or styles that are good, while others are not good. Again, it’s all very personal. If you don’t like something, don’t try to impose your taste on others.

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