Abstract – Lady in Green Dress – Oil on Canvas Panel – 4 x 6 inches


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Original painting titled "Abstract – Lady in Green Dress"
Oil on Canvas Panel
Brush and painting knife
4 x 6 inches
Completed Oct 2014
Handmade item
Materials: Oil Painting, Oil Colors
Ships worldwide from Tampa, Florida

The painting is an abstract depicting a woman in a green dress. There are three main colors, emerald green, yellow green and skin color. The original idea was not to depict anything but just to let the colors flow and suggest a shape. I kept playing with it until it sort of resembled a shape of a woman with a green dress. Well, that is at least what it looks like to me, but like any abstract, everybody is free to let their imagination travel within the painting and let suggest them anything possible.

The texture is very thick, impasto like. The painting is small, but it has a very good presence and seems to fill a much bigger space.

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