Thirty years old color tubes

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Here is a picture of some of the oldest oil color tubes I have in my collection.

These tubes are more than thirty years old and I bought them when I was still in Italy and just beginning to paint. Back in those days I’d try to save money in any way I could and often bought some extra tubes when they were on sale.  I’m lucky to have done so as today as some of these are no longer available commercially and I can still use them in my paintings. 

They are from the brand Maimeri, their series C.

I had to throw away a few of them as they were no longer usable after all these years, but most of them seems to have passed the test of time very well and are just like new. I love in particular the Chrome Yellow Dark (in italian: Giallo di Cromo Scuro) as it is an amazing chroma and ability to cover.

One day in the future I might run out most of these, but for now I’m still very happy to have this unique opportunity.

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